Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pantomime Anthology Submission.

I figured I'd post this, since this is supposed to be my art blog and all, though I seem to dismiss it alot, like all my other online journal type things.
Anywho, this is my submission to SCAD's Sequential Art Anthology, the theme was Pantomime. So without further ado, I give you Brightleaf's Journey:

In all honesty, creating the comic was pretty much a product of shaving a good idea down for deadlines. I started this quarter without a clue what to base my anthology piece on, since the theme was so open ended, I could pretty much do anything, as long as I don't use words!

But then I doodled up that cyclops monster, and fell in love with the design, and the story basically wrote itself around him. Originally the story was supposed to be 8 pages long, and the cyclops had an accomplice, an older version of Brightleaf's people who kept the cyclops as a friend/quard dog and the people had built up rumors that the monster was truly evil.

Due to time constraints, I ended up writing that portion out, but I kept the folklore, since it the Mayan-inspired art tells a fun story without any words, which obviously fit the criteria for the anthology.

The biggest triumph in the comics is, in my opinion my use of backgrounds, I think I finally gained a new plane in my work, and that I really pushed myself to the limit. Sadly, I didn't get into the Anthology, but I still have 5 really awesome pages to show off.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Food For Your Eyes

Hey there all you out on the blog-o-sphere. It's been a slow summer, what with my job closing, and getting transferred to a smaller store that gives fewer hours! Anywho, here's a two page comic injoke I drew for my friend's respective birthdays, Guest-starring Marvel's own Squirrel Girl!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

You'll Get Your Come-Up-Ins!

I'm posting this out of order, I know, but this is probably one of the more impressive comics I feel I've done. This was after I finished the most stress inducing project of my life, and I wanted to do something 'easy' for the District's Comixstravaganza. So I kicked around some silly 1-2 pags ideas, but thenI talked them over with my good friend Pranas, and he gave the basic premise of the comic, which forced me to make it to 4 pages. Which is the most fun I've ever had drawing a comic.

Chock full of injokes! Enjoy.

My blog?!

Hey, I finally found out how to sign back into this damnedable thing!
Now look at something I didn't draw, cause I love pokemon.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Flukening!

Hello Fluke Attendents. Hopefully you've stumbled upon this blog after checking out my mini. I'll be writing a full review of my funtastic day tomorrow!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Megacon: The Meganing

Well I've just returned from SCAD's trip to Megacon and boy are my arms tired! Infact, so are my legs and neck is sort of cramped too.

Anywho, despite the fact that my day was 60% Bus Ride and 40% Convention Browsing I had a damned good time. And I almost felt a bit more accomplished than I usually do when exiting a con. Maybe because I actually purchased objects relavent to my major!
Speaking of purchases, here's my exciting list of Con Swag:
-SuperF*ckers #1 by James Kolchalka
-Gun Show #1-3 by K.C. Green
-9 issues of Deadpool
-1 issue of Exiles
-1 Kirby standee figurine
-2 Autographed Drawings depicting Brian's 8-Bit Theatre dudes for my roomies
-Free Owly (With Autograph by Andy Runton)
-Be A Man by Jeffery Brown

I say that I felt accomplished because I ran across a familiar face, K.C. Green who does this great comic Horribleville (in my links section), and I patronized him by purchasing 3 of his Mini-comics, and giving him my own Mini-Comic Uneventful Goings-on (which is kinda crappy since it has some of my freshman work in it). Not only did he seem to enjoy it but also the guy who runs the website K.C. gets his hosting, and even seemed somewhat interested in having me as an artist. That was a huge ego boost! I even gave them

Otherwise the con was quite hum-drum but I did make sure to buy up as much Deadpool as I could see, since I've fallen in love with the lovable little freak as of late. Also I watched a bunch o LARPers beat the crap out of eachother with foam bats in the funniest of ways.
Megacon Mega Con Rating?: B- Would have been cooler if I had brought a portfolio.

K.C. Green's Free Sketch:

And My Response to GUN SHOW:

Friday, February 9, 2007

Let's just face it.

I'm never gonna ink that 24 hour comic thing. Just a fact of life because I've been so damned busy as of late. Why infact this weekend I need to pencil 10 comic strips, 90+ storyboards about the Simpsons, And 30+ entries in my 'art journal' (which entails chronicling some color-theory bullshit) and revising a script for a play that got about a 70% on. I AM NOT BUSY AT ALL NOSIREE.

Anyway, here's this Week's Installment of "Come-Up-Ins" which has a whole lotta cursing and stuff!

And here's the uncensored version which is less funny, but has cursing!! (OH MAN IS THAT EDGEY OR WHAT)

Friday, February 2, 2007

The Distract

Alright, well, Hourly Comic Day sorta petered out around Midnight last night. Mainly because nothing really happend besides stupid internet banter. Also I retract the "tommorrow" thing about inking them because I'm too goddamned busy with school work this weekend.

Oddly enough, I was able to finish my latest Come-Up-Ins before 2am!
Lucky me!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Dailionation

My Good friend Pranas has reminded soon enough that today is HOURLY COMIC DAY. In which, you must chronicle the next 24 hours of you life, hour by hour in comic form! I've started at 11am and I shan't quite until I'm going to bed!

I'll ink and post the whole dang thing tommorrow.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Sickening

I was sick with a disgusting runny nose today and didn't do much aside from coughing, blowing my nose and letting my eyes water. But I did watch Adventure Time for like the 50th time, and finally found the creator's website. Pendleton Ward is a keen guy, see his site here:

And for the those who haven't seen the awesomeness of Adventure Time, yet:

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Opening

My good friend and art colleague Joshua Mauser had created a blog in order to post his inane ramblings. Well I felt I should upgrade from my crummy livejournal, (which has oodles of items from my brief foray into daily comics) to this slicking, neater looking Blogosphere.
I'll post some of my comics here. The ones, of course, that don't suck and might have a chance out there in the real world.

Speaking of comics that don't suck. Check out the comic I do for my school's student run newspaper. It's called Come-Up-Ins, and its about a poor child who's excrutiating optimism never seems to quit, even in the harshest of conditions.

Here's the latest strip I just finished today feedback would be appreciated:

And yes, I haven't given the lad a name at all. Input is weclome!