Friday, February 9, 2007

Let's just face it.

I'm never gonna ink that 24 hour comic thing. Just a fact of life because I've been so damned busy as of late. Why infact this weekend I need to pencil 10 comic strips, 90+ storyboards about the Simpsons, And 30+ entries in my 'art journal' (which entails chronicling some color-theory bullshit) and revising a script for a play that got about a 70% on. I AM NOT BUSY AT ALL NOSIREE.

Anyway, here's this Week's Installment of "Come-Up-Ins" which has a whole lotta cursing and stuff!

And here's the uncensored version which is less funny, but has cursing!! (OH MAN IS THAT EDGEY OR WHAT)


JB said...

this is one time where censoring is actually works in a good way.

JB said...

fuck you pranas!