Friday, March 28, 2008

Portfolio Follies

Well, I felt it was necessary to post again, given that my job hunt will be starting pretty soon. It's my last quarter in college of my Senior year and it's time to get serious. I'll be posting new work on here at least once a week to show some sort of productivity.
This week I'll post character sheets of two of my favorite creations to date: Brightleaf and Eyeball.

You might remember them from my last post. Since then I've become infatuated with the plucky little duo, and I'm starting on a 20+ page story, where Brightleaf must find a way to protect his village from a band of mysterious outsiders. It might be a little more involved and maybe darker than my original story, but hopefully I can connect with my readers by flesh out Brightleaf and Eyeball's friendship.

Anyway, this character sheet I put together a few nights ago in preparation for my portfolio I sent out to Cartoon Network in hopes for an internship.

Anywho, enjoy these: