Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fluke '08 - Sketches

This weekend I drove to Athens, GA to participate in Fluke 2008. A small gathering of minicomic artists in the 2nd floor of a bar - Tasty World - where you can set up a booth to sell your wares, trade, mingle and generally have a good time.

I was prepared this year, I brought about eight different comics this year, but sadly, it started an hour earlier than I originally thought, so I had something of a bad booth all the way in the back of the bar, but I was able to sell a few copies of each. Most were handed out to trade.
I brought two first timers to Athens, my good friend Josh and Lynette, a girl I've known for a while and has just gotten her first taste of minicomics last quarter in our Minicomic class. Both loved Athens and had a great time.

One of my friends took a few pictures if I recall, I'll have to get it out of them to post here soon. I'll even take a shot of my monumental pile of aqquired comics, which I can tell you is quite large.

For the most part the trip was uneventful, aside from getting lost on the ghostly Georgia roads late at night, trying to stumble back into Savannah.

Here's a few sketches I ended up drawing, hopefully they're entertaining.

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