Monday, April 21, 2008

JCB Commercial Boards

For my Advanced Storyboarding class, we were assigned to work with some of the college's Industrial Design majors, who are working close with a construction equipment company known as JCB.
The ID Majors tell us that JCB, a European company, currently has problems marketing itself in the USA because apparently their products are seen as feminine. So it's the ID Major's job to do some marketing research and find out who JCB should be pin-pointing.
They gave us some data, and we figured out that we should be doing a commercial showing the power of JCB through the faults of their competitors.

The boards are supposed to as if they were screencaps, so there was to be no camera movements displayed or iconography that would confuse.

So, here are my boards, in sequential order:


Gardagami said...

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Sizzling LEO said...

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